Summer Village of Yellowstone
Box 8
Alberta Beach AB
T0E 0A0 

Office/Courier Location:
4808-51 Street
Onoway AB  T0E 1V0

P:587-873-5765 F:780-967-0431


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(Open Fires are Prohibited - more details)

Please note that all original bylaws have been signed and sealed.  If you require a copy of an original bylaw, please contact the administration office:  587-873-5765.

63    Lac Ste. Anne Management Plan Bylaw
71    Speed Limit Bylaw
73    Purchasing Machinery Bylaw
76    Study on Sanitary Landfill Bylaw
78    Regional Solid Waste Management Bylaw
82    Untidy & Unsightly Bylaw
83    Master Plan for Recreational Needs Bylaw
94    Study on Regional Sewage Bylaw
129  FOIP Bylaw
149  Position of Special Constable Bylaw
151  Assessor Appointment Bylaw
152  Tax Penalties Bylaw
160  Public Order Bylaw
161  Municipal Reserve Disposal Bylaw
162  WILD Water Commission Membership Bylaw
166  Sewage Disposal Bylaw
171  Land Use Bylaw
179  Electrical Franchise Agreement Bylaw
180  Dog & Cat Control Bylaw
185  Chief Administrative Officer Bylaw
187  Burning Bylaw
188  Development Authority Bylaw
189  Subdivision Authority Bylaw

199  Fees & Charges Bylaw

200  Code of Conduct Bylaw

201  Council Procedural Bylaw‚Äč

202  Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw    Provincial Small Vehicle Booklet

204  Establish Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

210  Designated Officer - Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Clerk Bylaw

211  Designated Officer - Peace Officer Bylaw

212  Emergency Management Bylaw

216  Municipal Development Plan & Bylaw

217  Short-Term Borrowing Bylaw 

218  Establishing Assessment Review Boards Bylaw
219  Designated Officer - Assessment Review Board Clerk Bylaw

220  2021 Special Tax Bylaw
221  2021 Tax Rates Bylaw
222  Tax Penalty Bylaw