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The Summer Village of Yellowstone was incorporated on January 1st, 1965 and spans a land area of 25 Hectares. The Summer Village is located on the shores of Lac Ste. Anne. The 2016 Population is 137 according to the census conducted in 2016.  Yellowstone has a 3-member Council whose term currently runs until 2021.

​​​​​News & Updates

​​Lake Level and Sturgeon River Weir
Please be advised your administration has received concerns from both Lac Ste. Anne County and Alberta Environment with respect to the lake levels and specifically the weir at the mouth of the Sturgeon River. According to Alberta Environment records, the lake has dropped nine inches at the boat launch.  Apparently residents around the lake, and in particular from Yellowstone and Ross Haven are excessively calling Lac Ste. Anne County and Alberta Environment on this matter, and citing incorrect information.  And some people are going one step further and are actually going to the weir and trying to make alterations or placing obstructions to try and alter the water flow. The general public can not do this, and those individuals are trespassing on private property and the County has advised that if caught they will be charged.

In the spring the municipalities on the south east shores of Lac Ste. Anne expressed their concern that the lake level was too high and was negatively affecting them, and now there are residents on the north concerned that the lake is too low and negatively affecting them. The County and Alberta Environment must take into consideration all concerns.

Please be respective of those entities that do in fact have care and control of this weir.

Still Accepting FCSS Grant Applications
Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) is:
“FCSS is a unique 80/20 funding partnership between the Government of Alberta and participating municipalities or Metis settlements. Provincially, the FCSS Program receives its mandate from the FCSS Act and Regulation. The Act describes what the Province and municipality/Metis Settlement can do to provide preventive social services. The Regulation describes how services may be provided … Under FCSS, communities design and deliver social programs that are preventive in nature to promote and enhance well-being among individuals, families and communities …”

Download Application here

Understanding Ice Ridges & Ice Pushes
The Alberta Government has provided information with respect to understanding ice ridges and ice pushes.  The link to view the publication is below. ​
Understanding ​Ice Ridges & Ice Pushes


​​Cabin Safety

Keeping Your Home/Cabin Secure Over the Winter Months
A reminder to secure your belongings when you are away from your residence.  If you see any suspicious activity, please be sure to report it to the Stony Plain RCMP at 780-968-7200 or Dial 9-1-1.

Reminder When Walking Dogs
A reminder to pick up after your dogs and keep them on a leash when walking throughout the Summer Village - these rules are in place for the enjoyment and safety of everyone in the Summer Village - thank you for your co-operation!   Know the rules - Click here to view a copy of the Dog & Cat Control Bylaw.

Summer Village Information

​​Council Meetings
Council Meetings are generally held on the Third Friday of each month at 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise posted.  The next meetings have been scheduled for the following dates: (Note:  Meeting are located at the Summer Village Shop on Morin Drive between 4th & 5th Street):

Next Council Meeting(s)
​​Next Meetings:


​​The Next Regular Council Meeting has been scheduled for

Friday, January 18, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.

Assessment and Tax Notices
This is certification under Sections 310(4) & 336(1) of the Municipal Government Act that assessment and tax notices were mailed to all property owners in the Summer Village of Yellowstone on May 14, 2018.

Wendy Wildman, Chief Administrative Officer

Property Owners/Potential Purchasers, Important information about properties within the Summer Village of Yellowstone
Below are two restrictive covenants that have been registered on the title of properties within the Summer Village.   These covenants were registered when the subdivision itself was registered.    If you are a property owner and unaware of this covenant, please refer to the Alberta Land Titles and below.     If you are looking to purchase in Yellowstone, please inquire with the real estate agent or go to a registries and follow-up with a land titles search.

Restrictive Covenant 561LT

Restrictive Covenant 4884LQ

Fire Ban Information

When a Fire Ban is Not in effect:

Please be advised that 'open' fires are NOT allowed. Only fires within fire pits are permissible.

Please continue to ensure you take care and caution when having a fire and be sure your fire is completely out when unattended.

The Summer Village will post 'Fire Ban in Effect' signs when there is a full fire ban in effect.  This means no open fires and no fireworks.  The Summer Village will be under a total fire ban when there is a Provincial Fire Ban in place.

For all other Provincial Fire Ban Information please visit the following website:

Commission Memberships
The Summer Village of Yellowstone is a member of the following commissions:
-Highway 43 East Waste
-North 43 Lagoon (see North 43 Lagoon - for updated information)
-West Inter Lake District Regional Water Services
(Click here for Updated Info)

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers from entering Alberta
If you are bringing a boat and equipment into Alberta from another province or state, make sure to: Clean, Drain, Dry

If you are using your boat in a number of different waterbodies, be sure to clean, drain and dry your boat and equipment after you leave each waterbody. This is especially important if you boat outside of the province.

For more information or to report something suspicious on your boat or equipment:

Call Toll Free: 1 855 336-2628 (BOAT)

Residents, if you would like important updates from the Summer Village, please provide us with your email address.  Call us at

587-873-5765 or email us at